Push Notifications for Web and Mobile


Reach your customers even when they aren't on your website. With Push Notifications, you don’t have to wait for your users to open their inbox to read a notification. It will be displayed right on their device. Real-time.

Push Notifications are very similar to native mobile app notifications in your mobile.

Talk to your users even when their browers are not open. Just like a mobile app notification.

Reach your users anywhere, anytime.

Sales Pop


Sales POP is a quick way to build trust. It brings a bricks and mortar feeling to your site, which shows evidence that there are many happy customers already buying. Your website is humanised, valuable trust is built, thus customer engagement is increased and visitors are more likely to be converted into buyers.

Boost sales by providing social proof of recent sales on your website to create buying confidence.

Build trust and authenticity on your brand to increase customer engagement.

Create a positive buying environment to increase leads

High Converting Lead Forms


The easier you make it for your customers to enquire, the more enquiries you get. I reduced bounce rate by 35% for an iPhone repair shop, by converting them from a Wordpress lead form to a more natural user flow.

Increase leads by making it easy for your potential customers to enquire.

Make forms more useful by syncing to your Google Calendars.

Getting customers to confirm a time on booking reduces no-shows.

Looks and Feels Just Like a Native App


Baseline prompts your customers to download your business icon on their mobile device, just like a normal mobile app. Your customers won’t notice any difference between your mobile website and a native app. It looks and feels like a native app and even provides similar features like push notification, display icon on the home screen etc.

Better app-like user experience. No browser URLs on top etc.

Works on any browser whether it be chrome, opera or Samsung internet browser.

Customers can easily launch your website from their home screen.

Announcement bar


Easily add an Announcement Bar to the top of your website with a clear call to action button. These custom notifications and alerts are perfect for marketing promotions, alerts, increasing click throughs to other pages and so much more.

Promote an offer. Point visitors to your latest deal, bargain, or giveaway.

Talk to Your Visitors. Encourage mobile visitors to give you a ring.

Grow Your Mailing List. Convert one-time visits into lasting connections.

SEO CMS + Blog

SEO is crucial to getting organic traffic to your website. While doing SEO its important to focus on the right keywords, your website structure, and the correct meta tags + page titles throughout your website. There are three types of SEO pages you can create easily via Baseline's content management platform.

Product pages - e.g yourwebsite.come/iPhone-repair,

Product + location pages - e.g.

Blog pages - e.g.

Baseline provides you with all the tools required for making your on-site SEO spot on.

24/7 Web App Maintenance

Baseline’s strengths are in building and ensuring that everything works smoothly on your web app. You can focus on your business, your customers, and leave the web app details to Baseline. We got your back.

Repeat Customers

We make it easy for your customers to create an account with you. That way they can easily log in and place a new order with you for future jobs.

Admin Panel

Baseline provides you with an admin panel which allows you to change ANY content on the website on your own.


Quickly see additional stats and graphs which shows you what is working on your website. On which day of the week are you getting the most number of leads?

How is your website different from your competition today?

Majority of the top lead generation and e-commerce websites are using these features to improve traffic and conversions on their website. But your industry has not yet started taking advantage of these features. More than 90% of them are still using boilerplate templates and there is sameness everywhere. This is your opportunity to stand out in your industry.

Your Competitors
You + Baseline App
Push Notifications
Sales Pop
Lead Forms
Home Display Icon
Native App-like feel
Announcement Bar
SEO CMS + Blog

While most web development agencies take between 4-6 months to build a system that has all these tools, Baseline can get you up and running within 14 days.

Baseline is an exploration of what it means to be different. It is about building stuff that does not even feel like marketing in the first place.

We aim to build you a website, that at the very least, gives you the possibility of creating something outstanding.

Differentiate and escape the competition

Thanks for reading,


Arjun Rajkumar

Developer at Baseline

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