Hello! I’m Arjun Rajkumar and i’m a software developer primarily building web apps for startups and SMEs. I’m currently working on these projects - SpaceWorks, iTweak and Workforce.

SpaceWorks is the easiest way to build a website for communities. Community websites require newsfeeds, member profile pages, member company pages, messages, notifications, search features to increase community interaction and SpaceWorks is a white-label solution, that communities can use to create a website in a matter of minutes.

iTweak is an Apple repair business. They needed a CMS which would allow them to get leads online, and also a backend admin system to manage the leads and assign it to the right technician in real time based on distance and availability. Workforce, is an HR platform that helps blue-collar workers get jobs.

Programming is the most fun for me when the software I build has a direct impact on the business. I add new features, write tests and push updates to the live production app for these businesses everyday.

I occasionally(very rarely!) blog on other platforms. These are my last two posts: How software can help co-working spaces improve member interaction and Getting Computers To See Better Than Humans

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Contact me to talk about your product and your plans for it. I’d be happy just to chat about your idea and the possibilities for turning it into an awesome web app. I hope to hear from you soon!

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