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We’ve helped various startups + SMB's launch highly tailored projects using Ruby on Rails.

Below is a basic snapshot on how we build web apps.


Every project starts with an idea, which is first converted into a wireframe. At this stage we put all your ideas onto paper.

Wireframes for a fitness app.

We keep updating the wireframes and make many revisions until you are happy with the first look.  

Wireframes for a HR staffing business

Design + Slicing

Once we have finished the wireframes, we then create PSD mockups in the design stage. Mockups again will keep changing until we get the colours and the look and feel of all the pages right.

Slicing is the process of converting the PSD files which we created in the previous stage into web pages. We use HTML/HAML, CSS, JS, JQuery for this stage.


Only after we have finished the front end, do we start the backend development work. This cannot be done simultaneously as the backend work is driven by what is needed in the front end.

We build apps using Ruby and Rails. We use Test Driven Development (TDD), and follow the best practices for building real, robust and production quality web applications.

News feed page for a social networking site

Admin Panel for a HR recruitment firm

At Baseline, we have a passion for turning ideas into reality.

How can we help you?

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  • We’ve been in the online space for close to a decade offering SEO + Google Adwords services. Over the last 4 years we also started building web apps and the re-branding from First10 Marketing to Baseline is to signify this shift in services from just digital marketing to also web application development.
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