In the offline world (TV ads, billboards), businesses stand out by being loud, excessive and bold. Increasingly, many businesses are doing the same online. However, a few, understand that in this age of more thoughtful consumption, louder is not better, and doing more of the same does not make you stand out.

The way most businesses approach online is by doing more of what everyone else is doing. There is sameness everywhere. We aim to build a different model, that at the very least, gives you the possibility of creating something outstanding.

Web App Development

At Baseline, we have a passion for turning ideas into reality.

Content Marketing

We create content that gets you traffic, leads and sales.

Data as a service

We turn website content into data that is useful for you.

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  • We’ve been in the online space for close to a decade. We recently re-branded our name and website from First10 Marketing to Baseline.
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