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Case Study: iTweak

iTweak, a business that repairs Apple (iPhone, MacBook, iPod, iPad) products was looking to improve their website and increase leads from potential customers. Their old website was hosted on Wordpress.

Our solution was to first add more clear and visible call-to-action buttons on the website. We made it much easier for customers to choose their device, and select the issues with their device by building a new lead generation flow. All this could be done in 3-4 clicks. We also built an admin panel which made it possible for the iTweak team to see all the enquiries in realtime, and set up auto emails so that their leads would get contacted immediately.

Overall, we were able to reduce their bounce rate by ~35% by building a new layout and making a few changes. Bounce rate is the percentage of visitors to a website who navigate away from the website after viewing only one page. Reducing their bounce rate meant that people are spending more time on their website, and more people are enquiring for the service.

Most importantly the number of enquiries (leads) via their website has increased since the change in the layout.

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